Tartoos: Seeing Disease Management Differently


“Tartoos are a fantastic and fun tool to help kids with diabetes more easily rotate their injection sites. Scar tissue build-up and the resulting poor insulin absorption from lack of site rotation is a frustrating and dangerous diabetes complication few people talk about. These little icons are kid-friendly and a great, inventive way to make d-life just a little easier – and healthier.”

Riva Greenberg – DPE, Author, Huffington Post Columnist


“This is a great idea. I think it would be great to use with pediatric and adult patients.”

Jordan Pinsker, MD – Senior Research Physician, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute


“Tartoos bring fun to an important but often overlooked part of diabetes care – injection site rotation. By helping kids (and adults) learn early how to rotate injection location, Tartoos can bring a life-long benefit to people living with type 1 diabetes, helping them to achieve good diabetes control and keeping their skin healthy. This is a great idea and a great product!”

Jeff Hitchcock – Founder, Diabetes Daily


“As an endocrinologist with over 15 years of clinical experience with patients affected by diabetes, I welcome this innovation. This certainly will help our patients on a daily basis.”

Karim El Haschimi, MD – Zurich, Switzerland


“That is FANTASTIC. I love it. Brilliant. I love this. LOVE this. I teach diabetes and give CEs and talks all over the place. If you send me a slide or two with how to get it I’m happy to include it for you when I talk about injections.”

Jennifer Goldman-Levine – PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM, FCCP, Professor of Pharmacy Practice MCPHS University


“This seems like a really good idea. And my instant thoughts are that patients may like this a lot. I think parents of younger children may like it even more.”

Mike Baxter, Independent Medical Advisor, Camberly, Surrey, United Kingdom


“After my first application, I completely fell in love with this product. The tattoos are small so they are very discreet and the application is extremely simple. I just need to use an antiseptic wipe to remove a Tartoos before administering an injection. No more looking for the last injection site (lucky if I can find it), trying to remember my last injection site or writing down the position of the injection site. ‘Tartoos’ totally takes the stress of rotating insulin injection out of my daily life.”

Visual Medical Customer, Singapore


“I love this idea and thank you for coming up with it!”

Paul Buchanan – Founder and CEO at Team BG, Whitestaunton, Somerset, United Kingdom


“Boy oh boy – that is soooo cool. I inject on average about 8X a day…so this would help me alot!!.”

FatCatAnna, Montreal


“The life of people with diabetes is getting easier to manage and I am excited to be testing out these Tartoos in some of my groups. I think I am going to love these new Tartoos!”

Marianne Tetlow – The Diabetes Coach